About Me


Hello, and welcome to Atwoodart.com. My painting mediums include oil, acrylic and watercolor.

For six months of the year I paint en plein air (on site outdoors) in Oregon. I also paint on site in Maui as much as possible. Even though a challenge with the changing light, windy days and varying temperatures, I love how nature and the light play off of the  atmosphere to inspire me in a different way than painting in the studio. My studio painting is from sketches, photographs and many small studies I have done and covers a variety of subjects. Outdoor scenes and situations motivate me to transfer them to canvas or paper and bring out the emotions I feel from the color, composition and light.

I have had many great instructors during this ongoing journey. Workshops and interactions with other artists have been and will continue to be instrumental in my growth as an artist. I am blessed with the desire to learn and explore my passion.

Thank you for visiting!